The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil


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Milagro Wellness was conceived and developed to offer a whole health approach to pain management. By treating the root causes of pain and bringing the body back into balance, we can assist in the permanent relief of symptoms.

By using Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy Stretching and Strengthening we can eliminate pain, restore proper biomechanics, and restore strength and flexibility to the affected areas.





What our clients are saying

While experiencing a series of headaches I found Milagro and Dan Mohr's magic hands. He listened to my pain and resolved my pain through deep tissue techniques. Gratitude to Dan @ Milagro!

Amy D, Denver, CO


When I decided to get a Massage from Dan Mohr, I did not realize the full extent of the benefits I would reap. His strong hands worked out the knots in my neck and shoulders where I hold all my tension and where I sustained several injuries over my 61 years. I was truly in Good Hands with Dan.

Larry G, Lakewood, CO